Coop is just 13 months old. Made with heavy duty wire and wood. Little mess in front is just optional blue LED lighting pack (free) Includes perimeter thin around bottom wire as if you have soft ground good for extra predator digging protection. Coyote proof.  780.00 Pickup near Lynn rd/Lead probably need trailer..

The widest part is 51" and its bit over 11 feet long -- I'm 5'6 and can stand but need to hunch in run area and floor to peak of roof roughly its about 5'11..

Turn-key option for extra $:: Include 2-4 great layer -high quality hens

Was delivered just by husb/wife couple with use of PVC pipes to roll it in position and their pickup pulled low trailer. I'm getting estimates for delivery in case of pricing questions.. Coop does not include delivery but will help coordinate. Support and contacts/resources provided for fun/info
Thanks for your interest 

      Charli Jo

Includes the 2 pvc perches in run+ the Shelf in inner coop-(good for chicks), and a nice roost  is of course built in -Can sleep good dozen given run perches but for hanging out when awake but for temp confinement combined with overall use max of 9 would likely be max.  - used in yard where hens were confined no more than 20 min a day-had free run of yard and food was place in other covered areas in yard.  They'd just go in to lay and there is favorite next box.

For Turnkey some ideal, beautiful young top layers can be added $. 

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