Important General Information-Pickup-Reservation

If a deposit was given and your chosen bunny's health declines or is not in optimal health within 8 days of expected pickup time, 100% of deposit is returned.  

The function of such reservation /contract is a promise to purchase and properly care for the animal.  It also of course secures your choice and/or a bunny. 

Deposits are defaulted if there is no contact within 3 days of phone call or email attempts-both will be tried .  If you make contact still wanting the bunny after this time and he/she has not gone to wait list person or someone sure to rehome, you are welcome to complete purchase (given reasonable pickup date/time).

Cash only and in-person pick-up (no shipping or delivery)-


    Additional Policy info

We reserve right to refuse to complete adoption to anyone suspected of not providing good care.-Keeping rabbit in cage all day is not considered humane.  Outdoor hutch is among the least humane.

The bunnies always appear to be in excellent health at the time of all adoptions.  Care information is discussed.

There is NO health guarantee. No refunds are given.  You are encouraged to examine bunny and are welcome to bring vet over to further examine and/or advise.

If for any reason and anytime,you can no longer care for a bunny you have bought from us, we may take back-decided on case by case basis. 


This policy is subject to minor changes at anytime.




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